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Know Your Worth... Your Personal Value


Have you ever wondered why a company would hire someone like you and keep you under employment for many years? And, how you could take that ‘thing’ you have and use it in another department, company, and or industry? 

If you are self-employed, have you wondered why people always come to buy from you, year after year, on special occasions, or just because? Have you ever wondered how to package that ‘thing’ you do up, so others outside of your city, state, or country, would want to do the same?

Well, that ‘thing’ is what some may call, “personal value.” Your personal value is made up of things you say, do, or deliver that eases someone’s pain or discomfort. It brings them joy or makes them feel like they have an advantage over others. So much so, that they direct their precious resources (cash) in your direction, with no hesitation or deep thought. It just feels natural to them. Some instances of that “thing” includes; getting them to work on time, giving them a good deal on a popular sweater, providing insights on why their business is declining, or providing their customers with technology that they have only dreamed of using. 

Most people don’t stop to ponder what their personal value is. Most don’t even know it exists. This is the reason why they are often frustrated with their career choices or at their places of employment. For those in business, they often feel imprisoned, or spend each day thinking of quitting, and going off to a deserted island with their loved ones. If these people knew that by knowing their personal value, they could leverage such information to change their direction to one that fits them. Their quality of life would change instantly.

Some may think it’s too late. This is the set of cards they have been dealt in life where they just grin and bear it. They have too much at stake to make changes now. Others may feel if they don’t do something now, they will die a slow, miserable death. And some may think that in their neck of the world, there are no decent opportunities. There is no decent pay. For business owners, their business has too many competitors. Employees must get paid. Or, they are in a dying industry, and can’t do anything about it. 

With all of these obstacles, how could knowing my personal value change my circumstances for the better? How do I even measure my personal value? How do I put the value to good use?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Knowing your personal value can change your circumstances in three ways: Improve your confidence, give you freedom, and improve your financial state.

Knowing your personal value takes the ‘thing’ you have done for others and puts it in hard numbers. For example, you are an accountant for a large company, or for your business, and have found discrepancies in reporting that could have cost the company, or a client $100 million in fines over the past 10 years. With this, you have proven that you can save a similar company at least $10M in fines, and have proof to back it up. Wouldn’t knowing this make you stand tall with your head held high and shoulders pulled back? What if other companies knew about this, imagine how their interest in you would soar.

Knowing your personal value will give you freedom. You can decide to stay with a specific employer or in a specific market as a business owner. You will begin to ask, “who else could I help provide this same solution for that is outside of my current situation?” Continuing with the example of an accountant, knowing that you can save at least $10M in fines per year will cause you to read articles, news, and blogs on companies who have been hit by heavy fines in reporting. You can then reach out to them, introduce yourself, and offer ways by which you could help them either as an employee or employer. 

Lastly, knowing your personal value will improve your financial state. By being able to know the value you add to people as compared to others that don't, it would cause you to seem like the sole supplier of that 'thing'. And when other people become aware of the impact you are having on their colleagues, clients or customers, they will want in on it. Continuing with the accounting example, assuming as an employee, your ability to prevent $10M in reporting fees was highlighted on your linkedIn page. As employers conduct a linkedIn search, looking for talent that can help them compete in the ‘do more with less’ environment, a recruiter will reach out to you wanting to learn more about you. Then you would find yourself moving on to a company that would pay you what you’re worth (which would be more than what you are making now of course). If you are a business owner, and are meeting with a prospective client who isn’t too convinced about working with your firm; knowing that you have a proven record of success with testimonials will make them eager to open their purse strings to you. This will lead to additional revenue for your business.


Personal value is the key to living your best life. Take some time-out and evaluate the ‘thing’ you do for others. If you are struggling with this, and need more help, take the Personal Value Survey. Use the results to improve your confidence, become free, and improve your financial state.


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